One sure-fire way to increase your email subcriber list and response, is to offer content and other features that your subscriber base finds essential. Below are some more ways you can improve your email program right now.

5 Ways to Increase Email Subscribers Right Now

  1. Don’t Use “Sign Up For Our Newsletter.” There is “Sign up for our email newsletter” burnout. Instead, lead with the benefits of signing up to receive emails such as member-only discounts, exclusive articles, pre-notifications of sales, etc. Place subscriber testimonials on your sign up page. Again, emphasize that email subscribers get things that they can ONLY get as an email subscriber.
  2. Test Offers. If you know your current subscriber rate, try some offers to see if the increased response is worth the added expense. You could even try offers that don’t cost much at all such as free tips or a free downloadable booklet.
  3. Increase Prominence of Your Sign Up. Recently, I suggested a client move the sign up to the top of their website and include it on every web page. Sign ups increased immediately.
  4. Get More Subscribers From Subscribers. Make sure subscribers can easily forward email to a friend, or offer some reward for subscribers refer 5 friends to sign up for emails.
  5. Go Beyond Your Website. Publicize your email newsletter or email sign up on every medium you use to communicate with prospects and customers such as telephone on-hold messages, invoices, product packaging, brochures, etc.

5 Ways to Increase Email Response Right Now

  1. Ask What Your Subscribers Value. Too many emails, too little time. Getting your email to be the one or two that subscribers actually respond to is a challenge. A web survey will give you feeback on your current emails and reveal truly what is truly valuable to your subscribers. Give only the essentials, don’t give subscribers too much.
  2. Increase Relevancy. Many companies treat all customers the same with their weekly or monthly emails. Segment your subscriber list by their interests or other subscriber characteristics. Ask a couple of questions in your email sign up to help segment your list.
  3. Offer Subscriber-Only Exclusive Content & Offers. Continue to remind subscribers that they are a special group of insiders. They receive content and offers as a reward for subscribing.
  4. Write Subject Lines That Intrigue or Reward. Unfortunately some of the best marketing words in the offline world like “Free” could send your email right to the SPAM folder or get blocked. Take some hints for your subject lines from magazine covers. Limited-time offers are always winners too.
  5. Make Clicking Through Easy or Compelling. The best way to maximize response and build relationships is to use email as a way to get people back to your website. Include lead-in copy and get subscribers to click to access entire articles on you website. Include navigation links to access all the areas of your website.

Although email is inexpensive to send, it has significant costs associated with it: planning, design, copy, graphics, etc. Your email program will be more successful if you remember these two thoughts:

  • Email is long-term marketing program to build relationships. A successful personal or professional relationship is built with trust and understanding. Amazingly, this also applies to email.
  • Email is a dialogue with your subscribers, not a one-way communication at your subscribers. We’ve all heard it, relationships fail because of bad communications. Improve your email relationships by listening.

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