Since the subscribers have already expressed an interest in a niche area, every subscriber represents an opportunity to make a sale. Some experts claim that every subscriber on your list is an opportunity to make 50 cents to $1 on an average, monthly. Many businesses make much more than this. Some businesses start opt-in lists much too late in the sales process. A few months are required to make money online anyways so it is a good opportunity to start your opt-in list early in the process.

How To Use Opt-In Direct Email Marketing

Place an opt-in box on every web page you have. This makes it easy for prospective customers to subscribe to your newsletter and be a part of your prospective customer base. Create a squeeze page. A squeeze page is meant only to collect email addresses and names meant to be used for all your marketing.

Send traffic to the squeeze page. One way of doing this is by incorporating article writing into your web page marketing strategy. Article writing is a good way of drawing one way links to your web page. Some of these links prove very valuable as they draw targeted prospects to your websites as well as work to increase page rank.

Create a great email marketing program. For this, you can use a mix of free gifts, content and sales messages. Learn to write email marketing copy as this is essential to sell to your prospect. To succeed at opt-in direct email marketing you need to master the art of writing emails.

Track Your Emails

Track your marketing emails for click through rates, open rates as well as purchases made. A good monitoring system of your marketing emails is another essential to succeed at opt-in direct email marketing. Ultimately the success of any business boils down to research, study and application of the best principles of business.

Keep in touch with the latest goings on in the world of email marketing. This is as easy as subscribing to a newsletter. Learn to make it easy for subscribers to opt in. Make them happy that they have opted in by giving them the information that will be useful to them. In the process, gently nudge them towards a sale. Success at targeted opt-in direct email marketing is no rocket science. It can be yours if you try hard enough to get it.

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