Whether you like it or not, there’s something wrong there. But what could be wrong?

Let me welcome you to the frustrating and annoying world of email delivery problems. Guess what? There is a big possibility that your subscribers may not be seeing your emails.

Email filters are a boon and bane in the internet world. Without email filters, we’ll be wasting a lot of time deleting email spams. As the number of ISPs and web hosts using email filtering systems increase, internet marketers must be careful with every word that they include in their email marketing campaign. Why? It could trip a filter and increase the spam scoring. Keep in mind that filtering software doesn’t care whether or not your subscribers on your lists are on double opt-in.

How Email Filtering Works and Their Delivery Strategies
Marketing through email is without hassles and obstacles. Although email filtering systems are far from perfect, they are becoming more sophisticated. Right now, a battery of tests are done, thus bidding goodbye to the old ways of filtering which is merely checking content for obvious things.

Remember that in most cases, any single occurrence of the following points may not really cause your email not to be delivered. Many filters give a corresponding score to each of the email marketing element that fails a test. Once the score threshold has exceeded, your email marketing material will blocked.

Never think of beating spam filters, rather work with them. Only spammers attempt to beat spam filters.

1. Header filters
In an email material, the email headers are the information that you cannot view when you open an email. It tells where the email originated. A header filter, on the other hand, is the one that examines the information and check whether or not the details are forged. For legitimate email marketers, this is not a problem. It can only pose a problem to people who make use of dubious list service to deliver their email marketing campaign.

The email header also contains other items that tell whether your email marketing is generated by list software. Although this does not pose a problem nor prevent your email from being effectively delivered, it draws attention to it.

Other issues that can add to your score is when you are not using a name in the “from” field, rather an email address. In fact, innocent mistakes such as setting your computer click too forward can attract the attention of header filters.

Another issue that can arise is when you send too many email recipients via cc and bc and sending an email through your ISP and putting a different email address in the “reply to” field. The best way to get around this is using specialized mailing list software if you have a list that contains more than a dozen names.

2. Permission Filters
If you are into email marketing, be careful with permission filters because they are straightforward. All your email marketing material will be blocked from the mailbox if it doesn’t originate from an authorized source.

What it does is challenge the sender by providing them instructions on how to commence with the email marketing material delivery. This is usually controlled at a user level. Let’s say that a hundred people on your email marketing list is using permission filters, then you will spend a lot of time in getting your email address whitelisted.

The best way to get around this and make your email marketing campaign successful is to flag with them on the successful submission or confirmation page; they must make sure that your email address is added in their address book or get your email address whitelisted in whatever email service they are using.

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